Eliminate Gastritis And Heartburn In The Blink Of An Eye With This Powerful Natural Remedy

Stomach is an organ located between your small intestine and esophagus, it is where food begins to digest.Acids in the stomach have a low pH level that is able to destroy the bacteria that is ingested with your food.

In so doing your intestinal tract is protected from infection that could lead to diarrhea. However, this organ is open to infections and diseases such as gastritis occasioned by an inflammation of the stomach mucosa leading to bloating, heartburn, loss of appetite, bleeding and epigastric pain.

Gastritis is caused by several factors such as:

– Smoking

– Excessive alcohol drinking

– Stress

– Poor eating habits

– Abusing certain drugs like NSAID

– H.Pylori infection

Conventional medicines to treat gastritis are available, but these drugs tend to have side effects that are not too palatable to sufferers of this ailment.

However, there are natural remedies you can try out today to treat your gastritis issues without the fear of harsh side effects.

These natural remedies include:

1. Rice Water

– Boil two handfuls of white rice in a litre of water.

– Strain the rice water and allow to cool.

– Drink this water to relieve the symptoms of heartburn and gastritis.

2. Carrot And Celery Juice

– Incorporate two carrots, a few celery sprigs and water in a blender.

– Blend the ingredients and achieve a homogeneous mixture.

– Drink this to relieve you from gastritis and heartburn.

3. Ginger And Pear

Just blend and drink the mixture. It has very potent antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties and can combat harsh bacteria in the stomach.

4. Apple And Chamomile

You should peel and slice an apple in a pan, add water and chamomile flowers and put it on a stove and boil. Strain and drink the water daily.

5. Parsley Water

Just blend some parsley with one litre of water and drink it daily. You can also refrigerate the drink to preserve it.



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