Scientists published a “Death map”

American scientists have published a “map of death”, compiled on the basis of years of observations, the first time brought together. This unusual document shows that the most deadly natural phenomenon for US residents is heat – it kills Americans more often than earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes, colds and snow storms.

The researchers did not draw a map from an empty curiosity – they hope that this study will help to better organize the work of rescue services. According to the statistics, heat causes up to 19.6% of deaths that are caused by natural disasters. 18.8% die of summer thunderstorms, 18.1% – frosts, and only less than 5% – earthquakes, forest fires and hurricanes combined.

The most dangerous states to live are the states of the South (from North Carolina to New Mexico), which are characterized by hot weather. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South and North Dakota also fell into the “black list” due to frequent weather and large amplitude fluctuations in temperature during the day.

death map

Researchers believe that to a large extent the development of modern technologies influenced the formation of such a picture; in particular, it was due to the construction of earthquakeproof buildings. Thus the number of earthquake victims was significantly reduced, which made California a sufficiently safe state. The ability to predict hurricanes and tropical storms and the timely organization of evacuation of the population made it possible to reduce the number of people affected as a result of these natural disasters.

In Russia, according to recently published data, as a result of natural disasters, the population of Yakutia, the Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories, Primorye is suffering most of all. For residents of Russia, a greater danger than heat is cold – severe frosts are frequent in the major part of the territory. Annually as a result of hypothermia, more than 1,500 people die, most of whom are men over 20 years old.