These 3 Zodiac Signs Would Never Cheat On You !

We have all wanted to avoid heartache and pain in our lives. In fact, avoiding pain and seeking pleasure might be the sole two motivators in what drives us. Every individual wants to pick the horoscope signs that won’t cheat, and while that’s nearly impossible to find across the board, there are some signs that are said to be less prone to cheating.

While there’s no scientific method to any of it, there’s enough amateur studiesconducted by dating sites like Australia’s Victoria Milan to find out which zodiac signs are most likely to cheat, not to mention what astrology itself has to say. Typically it’s signs that have an intense need for adventure, for emotional stimulation and for constant drama that are more prone to cheating. On the other side, there are others who truly desire security over anything else, and those signs all fall under the category of the element Earth. Earth signs are about building a foundation, and if that’s not what a monogamous relationship is all about, I don’t know what is.


Each element in horoscope has three different signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn all fall under the Earth element. From there, they’re divided into three modalities: fixed, cardinal, and mutable. The modalities describe the modes these signs exist in.

Taurus is the fixed sign of the earth element, meaning they are focused and determined. When a stationary sign wants something, they go after it and they don’t care how long it takes to get it, they will not quit. This includes a successful relationship. They know what it takes to make something work, and they’re unafraid of the challenges that could come up along the way. But what they won’t accept is a partner who devalues their loyalty by messing around with anyone else. They can be exceptionally possessive of their partner.


Virgos are a mutable sign, meaning they are the most flexible and adaptable of the earth signs. They are capable to work with someone’s faults and they can work around them because they’re inherently more forgiving. This also makes them less likely to go looking elsewhere when you fall short of their expectations.

Virgos give and give, and as long as you’re able to receive their kindness with an open heart, you are in for one of the best relationships you’ve ever had. It’s easy to depend on them because they have a need to feel needed; just make sure you don’t become overly dependent on them in your everyday life.


Capricorns are a cardinal sign, meaning they are self-starters. They like to get things going, to move projects along; they’re active and ambitious, and you won’t likely see them slacking off. This bodes well for a relationship with a Capricorn, because the moment the relationship starts to lack it’s initial luster, they’ll be ahead of the game by planning a fun weekend away or a special date night.

Although at times it might feel as if they’re in love with their work even more so than you, think of it this way: They are creating a stable foundation that a partnership needs. Capricorns are happy to play the part of the provider, and they’ll do so with loyalty, but they need you to support them, too. Otherwise, they’re left burning the candle at both ends and wondering what they’re doing it all for.


Source: elitedaily